September is Workforce Development Month in Pennsylvania

We recognize every September as workforce development month nationally and in Pennsylvania. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge workforce professionals who help job seekers, workers, and employers who serve Pennsylvania ever day as we recognize national workforce development month.

This month, the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association will  highlight our members’ success over the last year. 

We are proud of the initiatives and training programs in the workforce development system that have helped to make Pennsylvania’s workforce the strongest in the nation. 

What is workforce development month? 

Each September, we acknowledge workforce development month to raise awareness and highlight the importance of developing and enhancing the skills of the workforce. 

We will promote various initiatives, programs, and resources aimed at helping individuals acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the job market and meet the demands of employers.

Workforce development month celebrates the efforts and achievements of individuals, employers, educators, and other stakeholders involved in workforce development and the local workforce community. 

How are we celebrating workforce development month?  

We work with workforce development professionals throughout Pennsylvania, and we want to use workforce development month to share some of their stories and highlight the work they do for our workers, job seekers, and business. 

Nominate someone to share their story by emailing

We want to hear from all of our members and stakeholders from PA CareerLinks to our local workforce development boards.

We want to celebrate success stories, highlight the best workforce development programs, and tell Pennsylvanians all of the ways the workforce development community help Pennsylvania. 

Share your story today or nominate someone for us to highlight