PWDA Applauds New Workforce Development Program, Funding

Yesterday, Governor Josh Shapiro announced the development of a new workforce training program and a corresponding executive order to coordinate federal funding for Pennsylvania companies, contractors, and unions to train workers to fill critical jobs in Pennsylvania. The administration will use funding from the IIJA and IRA to fund the $400 workforce development and on-the-job training program.

The Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association appreciates the administration’s continued focus on making our workforce development system the strongest in the nation. 

As the administration develops program guidance and guidelines, we look forward to working with them to make the Commonwealth Workforce Transformation Program successful. 

We will ensure that our partners and stakeholders have a voice as the administration finalizes and implements the program. We need to ensure that the people on the ground doing the work have a role in developing this groundbreaking workforce development program.

Workforce organizations can learn more about the program by visiting