Recapping the 2023 ApprenticeshipPA Collaborative and Expo with Gov. Shapiro

Last week, we held the 2023 ApprenticeshipPA Collaborative and Expo with the PA Association of Career and Technical Administrators. 

We are thankful to all attendees who traveled to learn more about how we can build strong apprenticeship programs that create career pathways for Pennsylvania workers. 

The event brought together stakeholders from across Pennsylvania interested in strengthening apprenticeships as part of its workforce development strategy. 

Governor Josh Shapiro joined us and spoke about the work his administration is doing to support apprenticeship programs and expand Pennsylvania’s workforce.

“I’m excited to be here in Hershey to kick off National Apprenticeship Week and recognize the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association’s work and the work of its local partners who help create real opportunity all across our Commonwealth,” said Governor Josh Shapiro. “I believe that Pennsylvania should be a place where every person and every worker has the freedom to chart their own course and the opportunity to succeed. An apprenticeship is a fast track to a good-paying, stable job – and an effective way to build a crucial talent pipeline that connects high schools to our workforce. I pledge to continue to be a strong partner in our collective efforts to build the best, most highly-trained workforce in the country – and create real opportunity for people across our Commonwealth.”

Our attendees were happy to hear more about Governor Shapiro’s plans to make Pennsylvania’s workforce the strongest in the nation and how apprenticeships play a role in this effort.

There are incredible models for apprentice programs throughout our Commonwealth, and we’re excited to bring together leaders in apprenticeship initiatives to hear from Governor Shapiro. Governor Shapiro and his Administration have created a robust workforce development agenda to help job seekers, workers, and employers. 

After we heard from Governor Shapiro, our attendees got down to business.

We had a packed schedule of panels, discussions, and keynotes. 

Throughout the conference, our goal was to highlight apprenticeship programs that are working locally, replicating successful programs, and expanding the good work leaders are doing in Pennsylvania. 

Speakers and attendees discussed the state of apprenticeships in Pennsylvania. They shared technical and practical knowledge on what it takes to launch an “earn and learn” model of talent. 

Panels also shared ideas on sustaining and retaining the apprenticeship program and recruiting and engaging a talent pipeline. 

In addition to the Governor, other leaders from the Shapiro Administration, private sector, labor, and apprenticeship experts will share their strategies for expanding apprenticeships and provide updates on the state of apprenticeships in Pennsylvania.

We received great feedback from attendees and panelists alike.

“The ApprenticeshipPA Expo was a great way to gather the most updated information regarding Registered Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship and network with partners in the Apprenticeship Ecosystem.”

“From the policymaker perspective, this event was a great opportunity to hear from all angles how current policies are working!”

“A fantastic event and great way to continue learning and contributing to the everchanging landscape of apprenticeship programs.”

On Monday, the morning keynote on “The Power of Partnerships: Pennsylvania Models & Opportunities” provided attendees with an opportunity to hear from apprenticeship practitioners on what it takes to cross-systems and forge partnerships, critical insights on what’s working and pitfalls to avoid, and opportunities for “earn and learn” talent recruitment and retention across regions. 

In the lunch keynote on Monday, Pennsylvania leaders discussed the role apprenticeships serve to address today’s workforce and economic needs. Gain insight into the current policy and program environment for “earn and learn” development models. 

On Tuesday, the final keynote panel discussed insights and perspectives on the state of apprenticeships gleaned during their experiences and heard throughout ApprenticeshipPA.

We were excited to hold this year’s 2023 ApprenticeshipPA Collaborative and Expo in partnership with the PA Association of Career and Technical Administrators. We’re thankful to all attendees, speakers, and panelists who shared their deep knowledge about apprenticeships.

As the Commonwealth invests in workforce development, we must strengthen the pathway into apprenticeship programs and help organizations – from academic institutions to industry – form and sustain viable training pathways for workers. This week’s conference was an excellent opportunity for all of us to get closer to these goals.