PWDA Joins WITF to Talk About Students and Workforce Development

Last week, Carrie Amann, the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association joined other workforce leaders at Dauphin County Technical School for a panel discussion with WITF’s Spark program. 

Hosts Scott LaMar and Aniya Faulcon discussed non-traditional career pathways with a panel of students, educators, and professionals.

The Spark traveled to the Dauphin County Technical School, and hosts Scott LaMar and Aniya Faulcon, spoke with employers, educators, administrators and students about in demand careers; with an emphasis on some young people pursuing careers that many would not picture them seeking.

On The Spark Monday, employers shared what they’re looking for from students looking to enter the workforce; and administrators, teachers and students from the Dauphin County Technical School shared how they are working to give them exactly what they want.

Carrie Amann discussed the landscape for students entering the workforce and the supports available for students and training and education institutions. 

The program aired yesterday at noon, and you can listen to it here: