PA Gov. Tom Wolf, at halftime of an 8-year tenure, says he’ll focus on achievable goals


If you are hoping for sweeping policy changes or some kind of political adventure as Thomas Westerman Wolf begins his second term as Pennsylvania’s 47th governor Tuesday, you may be disappointed.

Pennsylvania’s manager governor, by most accounts and his own words, isn’t consumed right now with crafting a legacy for the history books, or positioning himself on the hot list of 2020 Democratic Party VP picks.

Rather, it appears he will be content to play a public policy version of what baseball writers call “small ball,” taking incremental steps down policy paths that he believes, in toto, will leave Pennsylvania in a better place than he found it and largely eschewing sweeping course corrections that make for sexier headlines.

For Wolf, 70, this is the sum of lessons learned over the past four years, continued GOP control of both chambers of the General Assembly and a quiet personality that, we think we know by now, prefers consensus-building and results to standing on principle and super-stardom.

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