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What Will Be Important in the Learn and Work Ecosystem in 2030? How Do We Prepare?

This year’s kindergarteners will graduate from high school in 2030. It’s clear that they will need to prepare for a rapidly changing work-and-learn future, as will their parents and the nation’s entire adult population. What isn’t as clear yet: What will be important in 2030, and what actions do we put into place now to prepare for the future?

To help tackle these questions, Lumina Foundation recently sponsored the second of two convenings on AI Future Skills with the Institute for the Future (IFTF), an organization that has been forecasting ten-year futures for 50 years. IFTF has a well-tested foresight process, which we followed. We convened a diverse group of thinkers and practitioners and asked them to think about what will go away in 10 years, then think about what will be most important. We ran four scenarios, painting four different pictures of what 2030 might look like based on research about the drivers of change. With each scenario, the group considered what actions would be needed should that scenario prevail.

This October, IFTF will issue a report on the convenings, which included experts in artificial intelligence, education, economics and workforce. The report will summarize the experts’ views on what skills will likely be needed to navigate the learn-and-work ecosystem over the next 10 to 15 years, and their suggested steps for better serving the nation’s future needs.

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