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Workforce Development and County Government: Partners Who Work for Progress

By Susan Snelick, PWDA Chair 
Roseann Cordelli, PWDA Director of GR & PR

A decade after the Great Recession, Pennsylvania is today in a state of ‘full employment,’ suggesting that those who are willing and able to work are employed, regardless of whether or not they are underemployed or have stopped looking for work. Still, there is a ubiquitous call among employers for right-skilled workers that has resonated across virtually every industry sector. From hard skills that include technology training to soft skills that include workplace etiquette, employers across the commonwealth and nation indicate they could sustain and expand their operations, but for adequate numbers of skilled employees, including incumbent workers. Read the rest of this article that appeared in the November issue of County News, the monthly magazine of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania.


PA Workforce Development Association