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State universities say their tuition strategy is driving away the students they hope to attract

Pennsylvania’s 14 state universities are pricing themselves out of reach of the students who they were designed to serve, which could lead its governing board to make some big changes in the coming years.

Members of the State System of Higher Education‘s governing board met on Monday to discuss the recommendations from a task group on making these universities, which include Shippensburg, Millersville and West Chester to name a few, more affordable to attract and retain students.

While the board plans to discuss how to close a $49.2 million gap in its $1.7 billion budget and set the 2018-19 tuition rate at its July 12 meeting, its University Success Committee spent their time discussing proposed policy changes that suggest dramatic changes in how it sets it pricing.

It potentially could lead to moving away from a one-size-fits-all rate that is in place at many of the universities now to varying tuition rates at each university, depending on a student’s major, that also looks at regional affordability. Additionally, it looks to make more institutional aid available to keep the cost within reach for students it wants to serve.

Additionally, they are talking about setting tuition in April as opposed to July and possibly employing a multi-year approach so students and families could better plan for covering the cost of their college education.

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