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Spotlight on PWDA 10 Strategies – PWDA Director participates in PA Economy League Issues Forum: Changes in the Workforce Post COVID-19

On October 28th, PWDA Executive Director Carrie Amann participated in the Pennsylvania Economy League’s Fall 2021 Issues Forum discussing Changes in the Workforce Post COVID-19.  

Panelists included:

  • Dr. Rakesh Kochar, senior researcher, Pew Research Center, on how COVID-19 impacted the employment of different demographic groups.
  • Dr. Greg Wright, Brookings Institution Fellow and University of California Associate Professor of Economics, on Brookings’ Workforce of the Future Initiative.
  • Carrie Amann, executive director, Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association, on workforce development from a state perspective.
  • Lucyann Vierling, executive director, Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance, on an integrated approach to workforce development from a regional and rural perspective.

Carrie discussed Pennsylvania’s workforce policy environment and highlighted PWDA’s PA@Work Workforce Development Strategies for COVID-19 Recovery. 

You can find the document here

PA Workforce Development Association