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Raising taxes? Wolf no longer talking about it as he seeks second term

From the Morning Call

Gone is the governor who had ambitious plans to overhaul Pennsylvania’s tax structure and pump billions more into the state treasury to fix deficits and public school funding disparities. Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat running for a second term, doesn’t talk about that anymore.

“Who’s talking about raising taxes?” he questioned a TV reporter last month who asked Wolf about the prospect of raising taxes this year.

Actually, Wolf does still talk about raising one tax: on Pennsylvania’s booming natural gas industry, a tax that is politically popular and, according to the state’s Independent Fiscal Office, one that would largely be paid by out-of-state customers.

Otherwise, a governor who once challenged members of the Republican-controlled Legislature in a 2016 budget speech to confront the state’s ticking fiscal time bomb or “find another job” now touts his efforts to save money and stresses the importance of focusing on areas of bipartisan agreement.

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