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Linking K-12 and Workforce Data

By Carl Van Horn, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy

Across the nation, a number of states have been linking their K-12 education and workforce data systems to help state education and workforce agencies develop career readiness goals for students. A new report from the national Data Quality Campaign presents a roadmap for linking K-12 and workforce data. The report examines key areas that states should emphasize when linking data, including developing a shared vision among agencies, cross-agency data governance, data matching and sharing, data analysis and use, capacity building, and privacy and security.

Highlighted in the report is the New Jersey Education to Earnings Data System (NJEEDS), which stores high school, college, and workforce data. NJEEDS is managed by the Heldrich Center, in partnership with and led by the State of New Jersey. NJEEDS uses administrative data from its partner state agencies to assess college and career outcomes of New Jersey high school graduates, as well as to understand what training and skills students need to be successful in college and in the labor market.

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