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HELP WANTED: Some recovering addicts can help fill job vacancies


Thefts and burglaries were once a way of life for Lawrence County residents Dana Mastroianni and Michael Platt. They turned to petty crimes to get money to buy drugs.

Now, the two are stabilizing their home lives and working full-time in the Lawrence County Courthouse as members of the maintenance staff.

They credit the turnaround to the county’s treatment court, a multiphase intensive program to help people battling opioid addiction break free from the crime world and start living normal, balanced and productive lives. The program aims to change their lifestyles, giving them a more positive self-image and a reason to set goals.

“If it wasn’t for drug court, I’d probably be dead,” Mastroianni said.

Experts say drugs can not only destroy the lives of those who use them, but also make it difficult for employers faced with turning away job candidates who fail drug or criminal background checks – or never get that far in the process.

“We don’t get a tremendous amount of people who fail drug tests,” said Kevin Reilly, executive vice president of the Builders Association of Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. “What we end up having is people who don’t go through the entire process.

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