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Gov. Tom Wolf wins re-election bid over Scott Wagner


Democrat Tom Wolf has won a second term as Pennsylvania governor, beating brash Republican challenger Scott Wagner.

Wolf’s victory in Tuesday’s election sends him back to Harrisburg to share power with a Republican-controlled Legislature that fought him in two extended budget battles.

Wolf has said he’ll continue advancing his first-term priorities, among them trying to fix funding inequities in public schools. Joining him as lieutenant governor will be John Fetterman, who drew national attention for his efforts to improve the impoverished town of Braddock over 13 years as mayor.

Speaking at his election night headquarters in York, Wolf said Pennsylvanians voted for better schools, quality and accessible health care and a strong economy. He said it was also a vote for “a public service that actually has integrity, that you can trust.”

Wolf said, in his words, “We are going to do some great things for Pennsylvania.” He said Pennsylvania “has a really bright future.”

Wagner, a former state senator and waste-hauling millionaire, mostly self-financed his campaign.

He didn’t help himself with a penchant for eyebrow-raising off-the-cuff comments. He told Wolf to put on a catcher’s mask because, he said, he was “going to stomp all over” the incumbent’s face with golf spikes.

Wagner said in his concession speech that “it’s been a great journey and I have no regrets.”

The brash Republican did not congratulate Wolf on his victory. Instead he implored Wolf to “do something for the seniors of this state,” saying they are losing their homes because they can’t afford to pay the property taxes.

Wagner, a 63-year-old former state senator who made millions from his garbage-hauling business, mostly self-financed his campaign. He says he’s going to take a vacation but “I’m not going away.”

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