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Divided results: Democrats gain control of U.S. House — but GOP expands Senate majority

From the Philadelphia Inquirer

Democrats gained control of the U.S. House on Tuesday night, winning a foothold on power in an election that served as a national referendum on President Trump and a test of the support that powered him to the White House.

But it wasn’t the definitive wave that some had hoped for. Even as Democrats looked to add at least two dozen House seats, Republicans were on track to expand their majority in the Senate. In the end, one of the most emotionally charged midterm elections in years again showed a country deeply divided by demographics and geography.

In the House, unofficial returns showed suburban voters in educated, affluent areas delivering a sharp rebuke to Trump and the GOP — including in districts outside Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington. Republican Senate candidates ran strong in more conservative, rural states such as North Dakota, Indiana, and Tennessee.

The results continued a realignment that began before Trump, but has accelerated under his tumultuous presidency.

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