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Conference and Training Materials

This webpage has been created as a resource to provide conference and training materials for recent training events. Materials will be provided as they become available.

2018 PA WDB Symposium Materials

Speaker presentations will be added as they become available.

IP Roundtable

Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky Keynote Address 
Inflection Point – PA WDB
Inflection Point 2017 Overview
Partnerships in Workforce and Economic Development
PWDA Fall Symposium Co-enrollment Session Presentation FINAL
PA Co-Enrollment Action Plan
BWPO Presentation – Ruben Pachay
Catalyst MEDS for PA Workforce 
Washington Update – Chris Andresen
FOW – Nate Anderson

2018 PWDA Annual Conference Materials

Plenary Sessions
Investing in Americas Workforce in the 21st Century
High Tech High Touch

Becoming a High Performance Workforce Board
Bringing Together All the Data and Information You Need
Build Your Own Apprenticeship
Does Your CareerLink Have Glow
Engaging Employers to Tackle Skills Gaps
Investing in America’s Workforce in the 21st Century
Pitch with Persuasion
Putting Social Media to Work
SkillUp™ Lancaster Community-wide Workforce Initiative
Washington Update
WIOA After (Almost) 4 Years What Have We Learned
Workforce Grants Narratives, Budgets and Planning

2018 Youth Day Materials

Youth Day Agenda
WIOA Measurable Skill Gains Outcomes
Meeting Performance_Program Examples_PWDA_March 20 2018

2017 Youth Day Materials

Youth Day Agenda
Youth Day Presenters’ Contact Information

Washington Update NYEC PAWDA slides
Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
PA Department of Human Services

2017 PWDA Annual Conference Workshop Materials

Apprenticeship Mentoring Essential for Success
Fiscal Topics
Leaders Wanted – MU CPM Program
Leaders Wanted – MU Leadership
CPM application
Performance Overview
Tell Your Workforce Story with Friendly, Understandable, Visual, and Usable Data
RSAB Presentation
Brown Shop-Rite Workforce Program
An Employer’s Brief on Fair Chance Hiring
ISY Overview
PA CareerLink Academy Outline for Schools
Working Together Inside and Outside the Walls


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