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1 big thing: The devilishly quiet age of AI

From Axios Future – September 5, 2018

The world is in a deceptively quiet period in which some companies and countries are aggressively developing and applying early, rudimentary models of artificial intelligence, but the impact is not visible.

  • The AI revolution will arrive almost imperceptibly, but still faster than prior big technological shifts because of intense global competition, and the breadth of its reach, according to a new study by the McKinsey Global Institute.
  • But by the second half of the next decade, a few winners will be conspicuously ahead of rivals, and by 2035, there will be clear winners and losers among countries, companies and individuals.
  • The dividing line will be defined by those who took the coming age seriously and prepared for it, and those who were passive.

The report follows up on a May study by McKinsey that described an evolving pecking order of companies that were establishing “an insurmountable advantage” over peers by pushing ahead with AI.

  • It singled out nine “superstar” companies, all in the U.S. and China, that were well ahead of everyone else.
  • The latest study expands by adding to the list winning countries and individuals.
  • In all, McKinsey analyzed 41 countries, grouping them into four buckets by how well they appeared to be poised for the new age of AI.

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