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What We Do

At the Federal Level PWDA

  • Advocates for smart, effective policies to reauthorize the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA)
  • Works with federal policymakers to shape legislation that reinvests in a dynamic and efficient workforce system
  • Educates policymakers about the high-performing Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) in Pennsylvania and how to continue to invest in our system

At the State Level PWDA

  • Collaborates with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry and the Pennsylvania General Assembly to bolster industry partnerships and improve functional alignment at local PA CareerLinks®
  • Advocates for smarter performance and accountability standards that reflect the excellent work at the local level
  • Partners with advocacy groups in education, youth, economic development and vocational rehabilitation

Check out our Current Issues page to learn more about the work PWDA is engaged in to advocate for a stronger workforce system in Pennsylvania. 

PA Workforce Development Association