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Industry Partnerships Advocacy

Pennsylvania’s Industry Partnerships (IPs) bring together companies in the same industry sector (such as healthcare, manufacturing and energy) to identify and invest in core and cutting-edge skills needed to make industries more competitive nationally and globally. The partnerships themselves include industry, education, workforce and other representatives who meet formally and work together to align training to industry needs.  For Pennsylvania’s $600 billion economy, industry partnerships are a bipartisan, business-labor, and public-private approach that works effectively.

IPs leverage funding from multiple sources, including state funding, private industry contributions, private and public grants and other sources.  Besides worker training, IPs provide forums for companies to address a variety of issues common to their particular industry. Wage gains, career advancement, entry-level employment and increased productivity are just a few ways that IPs provide a return on investment.

Latest News on Pennsylvania’s Industry Partnerships

On July 12, 2016 Governor Wolf allowed Senate Bill 1073 (2016-2017 State Budget) to become Act 16A of 2016 without his signature. This spending plan provides level funding for Pennsylvania’s IP program at $1.813 million. As part of his 2016-2017 state budget proposal, Governor Tom Wolf had requested a $10 million increase for IPs.

Industry Partnership Advocacy Resources

More than 430 business, education, workforce, labor and community leaders have signed on in support of full funding of $10 million for Industry Partnerships in the 2016-17 state budget.

List of IP 2016 Endorsers

Press Release IP Endorsements 2016

Fiscal Year 2015-16 Industry Partnership Grants

AgConnect Partnership, Chester County
Innovative Technology Action Group, Chester County
Smart Energy Initiative of Southeastern PA, Chester County
Health Care Connect, Chester County
Southeastern PA Healthcare Alliance, Delaware County
Lehigh Valley Diversified Manufacturing Industry Partnership, Lehigh Valley
Keystone Utilities Partnership, Luzerne-Schuylkill
Southeast Regional Development Partnership, Philadelphia
Greater Philadelphia Healthcare Partnership, Philadelphia
Northeastern PA Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnershipi, Poconos
South Central Advanced Materials and Diversified Manufacturing Industry, South Central
South Central PA Logistics and Transportation Industry Partnership, South Central
Southwest Corner Manufacturing Industry Partnership, Southwest Corner
Southwest Corner Building and Construction Industry Partnership, Southwest Corner
Pennsylvania Steel Alliance, Westmoreland-Fayette

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Fast Facts about Industry Partnerships in Pennsylvania:

  • There are more than 6,300 businesses involved in nearly 76 Industry Partnerships across Pennsylvania.
  • More than 70,000 workers have been trained since the inception of this initiative in 2005.
  • Workers who received training through Industry Partnerships saw their wages rise by an average of 6.62 percent within the first year after receiving training.
  • 88 percent of businesses in Industry Partnerships reported being very satisfied or satisfied with the program.
  • 84 percent of businesses reported Industry Partnerships and training have helped them to significantly increase their productivity.
  • Industry leaders have contributed more than $9 million in private funds and more than $30 million in-kind contributions to support training and other initiatives identified through these Industry Partnerships.

(Figures as of January 2009)

PA Workforce Development Association