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July 2013

The Department of Labor & Industry recently announced the availability of Industry Partnership funding for FY 2013-14. Please see the documents below for more information on IP funding guidelines:

  1. Request for Proposal
  2. RFP Guidelines
  3. FY2013-14 Partnership Application & Proposal Narrative Form
  4. FY2013-14 Training Plan - Attachment 1
  5. FY2013-14 Budget – Attachment 2
  6. FY2013-14 Membership Summary Form - Attachment 3

In FY 2013-14, IP grant funds will be awarded to partnerships in the Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare and Agriculture clusters. 


Pennsylvania's Industry Partnerships

Many local areas and regions have developed sector or industry strategies to address workforce shortages, respond to economic problems and opportunities, and align workforce investments with identified workforce needs.

An industry partnership is a multi-employer collaborative effort that brings together management and labor around the common purpose of improving the competitiveness of a cluster of companies or organizations producing similar products or services and sharing similar supply chains, critical human resource needs, infrastructure requirements, business services, and/or retention/recruitment challenges.

    Fast Facts about Industry Partnerships in Pennsylvania:
  • There are more than 6,300 businesses involved in nearly 76 Industry Partnerships across Pennsylvania.
  • More than 70,000 workers have been trained since the inception of this initiative in 2005.
  • Workers who received training through Industry Partnerships saw their wages rise by an average of 6.62 percent within the first year after receiving training.
  • 88 percent of businesses in Industry Partnerships reported being very satisfied or satisfied with the program.
  • 84 percent of businesses reported Industry Partnerships and training have helped them to significantly increase their productivity.
  • Industry leaders have contributed more than $9 million in private funds and more than $30 million in-kind contributions to support training and other initiatives identified through these Industry Partnerships.

(Figures as of January 2009)

Industry Partnerships — PA Department of Labor & Industry, Workforce Development (see this site for links to PA Industry Clusters, grant guidelines and grant recipients)

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